A Group of students of 1991 Madhyamik batch

Reunion 2015

Students of 1991 Madhyamik examination of our school organized a reunion program on 3rd January, 2015. They invited respected and beloved teachers of their time along with two head masters of past and present Dr. Ajoy Roy and Sk. Ashesan Ali. The program was well organized. Teachers were felicitated by the students with high sprite. All distinguished teachers and head master of past and present delivered their speech to the students. It was a reunion of teachers and students.

Reunion 2015

This group of students committed to stand up beside the school and students of the school whenever required. They formed a welfare foundation named “Sampriti Welfare” for this purpose. Through this platform they want to stand up with strong will to the needy persons, families of the society. Sampriti Welfare

They already started work with small scale.

  • They helped an ex-student of our school who was suffering with cancer.
  • Two computers were donated by the Malay Baral of this batch on behalf of Sampriti Welfare.
  • They also took the initiative to launch the school web site.
  • They provide ideas to develop school resources for the betterment of students need in future.

The batch keeps contact with head master and other teachers of the school for this purpose. School wishes them best of luck and success in future.